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Guy is a very organized, passionate and patient tennis coach, who focuses on all attributes of a good tennis player - balance, footwork, swing, serve, flexibility etc. My 10 year-old son looked forward to each session with Guy over the summer and has improved his game due to the lessons. I will definitely recommend Guy as a tennis coach to parents of budding players.
You provided excellent coaching to my daughter last year and we are looking forward to continue this year from where we left off last year.

It was very nice. He is very jovial and teach with full of passion. He taught as much he can in very short time.

     I really learn a lot from Guy. He is a very good tennis instructor. Thank you for everything you did for me.
     I am a beginner looking to learn the basics of the game. Guy is so patient explaining and showing us how to improve our fundamental skills. Guy definitely is the right person if you are looking for a responsible and professional tennis coach.
  We wanted to thank you for your excellent instruction skills and patience during Brian's lessons. We enjoyed being part of the group.  You made it fun, but still kept it very personal and professional. Thank you.
  It was an eye opener to get an analysis done through you. Thank you very much.
  The classes were so good, that I signed up for the second level lessons before the first level lessons completed.
  Obviously we liked the lesson very much.  I personally like how observant you are in order to provide such accurate constructive criticism.  I like the personal lessons just because I get to hit more balls than with a group  lesson, hence the bigger group leaves you  less satisfied.  other than that, it was good.   I appreciate that you are willing to spend more time  with us than we pay for. 
     Just wanted to say that I had a lovely time last Sunday and learn a lot… Hope to have an amazing time in the coming weeks…
     The group lessons help me a lot and pick up the game so quick. Thks
     Thks for the lesson and my son has improved a lot.  See ya next lesson.
  Group Lessons is great... The size of group is good for me. You are a good coach.
  Group Lessons is fun... But time is short!!! The lesson is great. Thks
  Thanks so much for the lesson and any discount for 10 lessons. Pls advise.
     Great class ..., I learned so much and look forward for next lesson
  Thanks so much for the girls first lesson. They had a great time and
wanted more.
     The lesson was Great, I felt that I should have taken this lesson 10 years ago since I've wasted my energy rather than improving my game.
     I love the class and I find it very very helpful. I also want to say thank you for everything you taught me. you are a fantastic teacher!!!
     Last class was good and you pointed out the obvious flaws in my game. I will work on it and hopefully make some progress before we meet next.
     We both had a great time learning more tennis.
     Thanks alot for the wonderful lesson. You are a great instructor and i am looking forward to attending another lesson this weekend.
     We all liked learning tennis yesterday. We did go for practice again in the evening.
     Thank you Guy.. Vishaal enjoyed his first class, and we'd  like to seeing you next week.
     We did enjoy the lesson very much and we are very comfortable with your way of teaching.We are looking forward to learning more.
     Thank you for your classes and I gained better experience. Thks again
     Great coach and Thank you. See you next weekend.
     My child has play better tennis, and improving. Thks for the lessons.
     Your coaching certainly offers Rolls Royce service for the price of a Hyundai!
     My Child has made to school team. Thank you so much.
     After 5 lessons that I have made much improvement, Thks.
     Great effort and is working great... Thks
     What a tennis coach, Thks...
     Thks for your lessons. Good job.


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